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The website, www.fastlanerealtors.com (“Site”), serves as an intricate electronic nexus, assuming the roles akin to both a search engine and an advertising agency. Its primary function is to facilitate the exchange, exploration, and augmentation of online business ventures within the realm of real estate, housing, and property. Operated and overseen by FLR. (“Company”), headquartered at HD – 493 – DLF Forum – DLF Cyber City – 122002, the Site embodies a digital conduit where opportunities converge and potentials unfold.

Engagement with this platform mandates adherence to the ensuing Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), which serve as the cornerstone of user interaction. Prior to availing any of the Site’s offerings (“Services”), individuals are required to meticulously peruse, comprehensively grasp, and unequivocally endorse the stipulations delineated herein. It is incumbent upon users to manifest a thorough cognizance and unwavering concurrence with the Terms prior to embarking on any utilization of the Services.

Access to the Services is extended solely to entities—be they individuals, firms, or corporations—that possess the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts as prescribed by Indian laws. FLR. reserves the prerogative to effectuate amendments to these Terms of Use at its discretion, with any modifications being duly communicated through posting on the Site. Such alterations shall instantaneously assume efficacy upon their dissemination via this digital medium.

User Definition: A “User” within the confines of this Agreement encompasses any individual who accesses the Site, regardless of registration status or engagement in paid services. This includes both registered and unregistered users, as well as legal entities represented by such individuals under actual or apparent authority.

Unauthorized User: An “Unauthorized User” pertains to any individual lacking legal or contractual entitlement to access the services, yet does so. Such users are bound by the terms and conditions of the site, particularly regarding the respect of intellectual property rights and adherence to licensing terms.

Free Services: “Free Services” denote the utilization of the portal www.fastlanerealtors.com for listing and showcasing businesses online without availing specialized services.

Paid Services: While basic access to the Site is complimentary, certain features may be restricted to paying users or those who undergo specific registration processes (“Paid Services”). These Paid Services are governed by additional terms and conditions outlined in separate agreements, supplementary to this Agreement.

RERDA: The term “RERDA” encompasses the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 and its amendments, alongside associated rules and regulations. Users, by utilizing the Site and its Services, affirm the truthfulness and accuracy of registration information, maintain its accuracy, confirm their age of 18 or older, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. User profiles may be deleted and memberships terminated without warning for breaches of these terms.

Lawful Use: Users agree to employ the site solely for lawful purposes, refraining from infringing upon third-party rights or inhibiting the enjoyment of the site by others. Any inappropriate content should be reported via the provided feedback mechanism.

Intellectual Property Rights: The Site disclaims expertise in intellectual property matters and is not liable for verifying user-posted content’s authorization or ownership. The Site acts as an intermediary and appreciates notification of any copyright infringements.

Amendments: Fastlanerealtors.com reserves the right to amend this Agreement, with such changes being effective immediately upon posting. Continued use of the Site signifies acceptance of these amended terms.

Membership Activation: Membership activation occurs within two working days of receipt of activation charges and persists for the specified period. However, web page creation may take additional time, with no relaxation of activation period provided.

Technical Interruptions: Users are advised that service access may be interrupted by technical issues or hackers, with the Site not liable for associated costs or damages. Users are encouraged to save messages offline to mitigate potential data loss.

Membership Charges: Membership charges are subject to revision at the discretion of Fastlanerealtors.com.

Webpage Deletion: Fastlanerealtors.com reserves the right to block or delete webpages without explanation, with users having no recourse under any circumstances.

Communication: Users consent to receive communications via various channels regarding subscribed services, irrespective of registration on Do Not Call Registry.

User’s Obligations:

The User, in acknowledging and expressing agreement, assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the Registration Data and any other information provided to the Company during the Membership application process for accessing the Service. It is incumbent upon the User to ensure that the information shared with Fastlanerealtors.com is devoid of any fraudulent, false, misleading, or manipulated facts, thereby upholding the integrity of the platform.

Moreover, the User commits to possessing or having acquired all requisite rights and authorizations prior to posting any information on the Site, encompassing but not limited to listing details, property descriptions, photographs, maps, layouts, and contact information. Should the User fall under the ambit of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERDA), compliance with all pertinent regulations, including securing necessary registrations, is imperative.

Furthermore, the Site may necessitate the User to substantiate their claims regarding property status with relevant documentation as specified periodically. The User assumes responsibility for configuring all necessary equipment required for accessing the Service and pledges adherence to all notices or instructions issued by the Company concerning Service usage.

The User is singularly accountable for all information retrieved, stored, and transmitted through the Service, maintaining confidentiality of login credentials, encompassing passwords and usernames, and all activities conducted on Fastlanerealtors.com. Prompt notification to the Company of any unauthorized account usage or breach of security is mandatory.

Additionally, the User agrees to fulfill Subscription Fees promptly as stipulated by the Company and undertake requisite measures, including periodic password changes, to safeguard confidentiality. Should the User elect to terminate association with the platform, the option to unsubscribe or remove the account is available through the delisting procedure accessible via the Remove Account link within the user’s folder.

Proprietary Rights in Content on Fastlanerealtors.com:

Within the digital domain of Fastlanerealtors.com, a sanctuary for real estate endeavors, resides an amalgamation of proprietary rights meticulously cultivated by the platform. These rights, meticulously safeguarded and nurtured, extend beyond mere ownership—they embody a testament to innovation and dedication. Enshrined within the intricate tapestry of the Site are copyrighted materials, trademarks, and other proprietary treasures belonging to Fastlanerealtors.com.

In traversing this digital landscape, one must tread cautiously, for the sanctity of these proprietary assets demands reverence. The User is forewarned against any attempt to copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or vend any such proprietary information, save for instances where such information dwells within the public domain or explicit permission has been granted.

Intellectual Property Rights:

A pantheon of logos, brands, trademarks, and registered marks adorns the virtual halls of Fastlanerealtors.com, each emblematic of a narrative steeped in creativity and enterprise. These insignias, whether owned outright or utilized under license by the Company and its affiliates, are repositories of intellectual property rights, cherished and guarded with zealous fervor.

Every mark, every emblem, every symbol—its essence, its legacy, its very existence—finds domicile within the sphere of the Company and its associates. Any semblance of rights not expressly delineated within this pact or claimed by the Company and its affiliates remains resolutely reserved.

Access to the Site, while a gateway to boundless opportunities, does not bestow upon the User the privilege of wielding these Marks with impunity. Their usage, in any guise or form, stands staunchly prohibited, a boundary not to be trespassed lightly. To transgress this sanctity would not only breach the terms of this agreement but also incur the ire of the prevailing laws of India, marking a transgression against the very essence of creativity and innovation.

Prohibited Use:

Within the hallowed confines of Fastlanerealtors.com, a code of conduct emerges, delineating the bounds within which users must tread. This code, a testament to ethical stewardship and regulatory compliance, serves as a guiding light in the digital expanse of real estate transactions. Let us delve into the intricacies of this covenant:

  1. Preservation of Site Integrity: Users are enjoined from utilizing the Services in any manner that undermines the interests or functionality of the Site, thus ensuring alignment with regulatory frameworks such as the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERDA).
  2. Authorized Usage: Sole authorization for Service usage is conferred upon individuals named in the application form, curtailing access to unauthorized entities.
  3. Purposeful Utilization: Service usage must align strictly with the subscribed purpose, safeguarding against misuse or deviation from intended objectives.
  4. Legal Compliance: Users are obligated to adhere to all pertinent laws, refraining from contravening Indian statutes governing the Services and associated regulations.
  5. Ethical Conduct: The Service must not be employed for unlawful endeavors, including but not limited to criminal activities, perpetuating a sanctified space free from moral or legal transgressions.
  6. Respectful Communication: Messages or postings transmitted through Fastlanerealtors.com should eschew any content deemed offensive, ensuring decorum and respect for diverse beliefs and ideologies.
  7. Prevention of Harassment: Users are prohibited from engaging in persistent messaging or postings that may cause distress, harassment, or anxiety to other users or third parties.
  8. Content Integrity: Introduction or dissemination of harmful software, infringement upon intellectual property rights, dissemination of unlawful or objectionable content, and misleading communications are strictly forbidden.
  9. Sanction Compliance: Registration or transactions involving individuals with ties to sanctioned countries or territories as delineated by UN, US, UK, EU, or other regulatory bodies are strictly prohibited.

In the event of User violations, the Company reserves the right to expunge offending material, issue warnings, suspend or terminate memberships, and pursue legal recourse to mitigate damages incurred. Through these measures, the Company endeavors to safeguard its integrity and uphold the sanctity of ethical conduct within its digital domain.

Copyright Policy:

The sanctity of intellectual property is paramount within the digital realm of Fastlanerealtors.com, where the dissemination of copyrighted material, trademarks, or proprietary information demands meticulous adherence to established protocols. Users are expressly prohibited from posting, distributing, or reproducing such content without obtaining prior written consent from the rightful owner of said proprietary rights.

Should any instance of copyright infringement be perceived, users are encouraged to notify Fastlanerealtors.com’s designated Copyright Agent, furnishing pertinent details including electronic or physical signatures, descriptions of the copyrighted work, and the precise location of the allegedly infringing material on the Site. Additionally, users must provide contact information along with statements affirming their belief in the unauthorized use of copyrighted material, made under penalty of perjury.


Given the online nature of Fastlanerealtors.com, confidentiality of user-provided information cannot be unconditionally guaranteed. Users are thereby cautioned that any breaches in privacy arising from technical faults or other means do not fall under the purview of Fastlanerealtors.com’s responsibility.

Users retain the right to access their own data stored within Fastlanerealtors.com’s database, subject to identity confirmation, and may amend or edit such information at their discretion.

It is incumbent upon users to recognize that voluntary disclosure of personal information may result in unsolicited communication from third parties, over which Fastlanerealtors.com holds no control or liability.

In compliance with legal mandates, Fastlanerealtors.com reserves the right to disclose information in response to legal proceedings, encompassing court orders, subpoenas, notices, or FIRs.

Furthermore, all copyrights, know-how, or related intellectual property pertaining to the Service or Fastlanerealtors.com are vested exclusively in the Company. Any content contributed by users automatically becomes the property of the Company, precluding users from asserting rights or claims over such intellectual property. Should users employ this intellectual property outside the scope of their agreement, the Company retains the prerogative to pursue legal recourse for infringement.

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